The Infinite Corpse is a really cool online collaborative comic based on the game The Narrative Corpse and Scott McCloud’s idea of  “the infinite canvas.”

Village ShackThis is a drawing of a house on Hippie Hill in Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii for the table of contents page for the kuš! anthology, š! #16 Villages that I also have a comic in, “Queen Charlotte 53 15 21 N, 132 5 15 W.”

Land Bones to Sea Bones

Land bones to Sea bones
Acrylic ink, 14 by 17″

Displayed at the All Island Art Show 2014, Haida Gwaii Museum, February – March 15, 2014. Also a reworking from a longer narrative, “Queen Charlotte 53 15 21N 132 5 15N”, to be published in kus š!#16: Villages.